myRacetime is an App and a Website that work together to provide a nexus for your racing needs.

A little something for everyone...

A Complete Package for Race Directors
Easy Event Registration Setup

Create your event registration page for free. It's an easy and quick process that steps you through filling in information about your event and races with many advanced options.

  1. Fill in the basic information about your event (Name, location, dates, etc)
  2. Add races to your event
  3. Set the virtual start and finish lines
  4. Tell us how you want to be paid for your registrants!

Multiple Timing Options

Use your tablet to time your participants as they race around the track. Our easy to use timing screen lets you quickly find your racers and set their finish time with the click of a button.

Do your participants have smartphones? If they do they can download the myRacetime app too and use it to be automatically timed.

Instant Results

The results for your race are posted live as participants are finishing the race! No more waiting hours or even days to find out who finished in what place. Times and places are instantly calculated and displayed for the world to see!

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Peace of Mind in Real Time
FollowMe Run

The myRacetime app allows you to share your location and progress with the click of a button. This is ideal for having friends and family track you during a race or even when training.

Track your own personal development between runs and share your best on social media!

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