Get Started
Creating events is a simple four step process. Use the event progress indicator below to find out more about each step.
Event Basics

This is where you begin the event setup. You will be asked to provide an event name, dates, and a brief summary to people registering so they know what they are signing up for.

Keep in mind that some of the values you set have an impact on the system:

  • Event Availability Status - This tells myRacetime if you want your registration page listed in the Event Calendar or if you want to direct people to the page yourself through a more private method.
  • Registration Dates - As well as telling people when they can register to your event this will determine how long the online registration stays open for. If you do not set a value it will remain open from the time your event is posted until when the race starts. No worries though, myRacetime's registration allows participants to register up to the last second if need be and in some cases even later.
  • Contact Address and Contact Form - If this is selected myRacetime will provide a method for participants or those that are considering participating to contact you using the email address provided.

Ready... Set... Go!

When you are ready you can login or if you don't have a login yet you can create one.

Once you are logged in you will be at the 'My Events' page where you can choose to create a new event or edit an existing one.


If you have not yet registered you will need to create a login.

Login (Username):



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